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Meet Me at the Farmers Market-a Sunday Field Trip to L.A.’s Original (Part 2)

By on May 14, 2012, 8:57 am in Historic Places, Restaurants, Travel | 1 comment

A photo essay on the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax

Tomatoes at the Original Farmers Market

There are a few remaining produce stands at the Farmers Market, but mostly it’s filled with vendors and small restaurants, old and new, selling food, both raw product and prepared treats.

Sustainably Raised Beef at Marconda's Meats Sustainably Raised Beef at Marconda’s Meats




Jars of Tea at %22T%22 Jars of tea at “T”

Teapots at %22T%22and teapots


Fresh Nut Butter at Magee's House of NutsFreshly churning nut butter at Magee’s House of Nuts


Farmers Market Poultry


There are  fun, kistchy little touches like the porcelain chicken watching over the counter at Farmers Market Poultry and the two-wheeled wooden shopping carts, hand-made on the property and painted  “Farmers Market Green,” the official name of the color.


Custom Built Wooden Shopping Carts


or just bring your own wooden cart…

Wooden Shopping Cart on Back of Bike


I mostly go to the market nowadays for a quick brunch or lunch, and most often it’s to Loteria Grill (my newer favorite) or Banana Leaf (my older favorite, which is just down a lane from my older favorite place), although I have to say that as a result of this field trip, Short Order and Short Cake are now definitely on my list of places to try.


Loteria Grill


Singapore's Banana Leaf


Scones at Short CakeScones at Short Cake


Ah- and speaking of Loteria Grill, the day would not have been complete without a stop for a couple of their tacos. Muy Sabor!

Ordering at Loteria Grill
Ordering at the very busy Loteria Grill

Carnitas Taco at Loteria Grill
Carnitas Tacos at Loteria Grill

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  1. It is a fun place to go and look at all the foods. I used to meet a friend at one of the fish places that would cook it for you and serve a scoop of coleslaw on the side. We would sit at one of the tables to eat and she would introduce me to all the regulars as apparently she was one.

    Avatar Kaye

    May 19, 2012

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