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Rosé Fest 2011-Part 4 Swiss Chard and Salumi Tart

By on Aug 19, 2011, 7:08 am in Events, Recipes-Savory | 0 comments


Swiss Chard Tart 1 Swiss Chard and Salumi Tart- Photo Courtesy of Dorothy Reinhold at

I love tarts. Sweet tarts, fruit tarts, nut tarts, savory tarts- you name it! And over the years, I have usually included a savory vegetable tart, as well as a dessert tart in my Rosé Fest menu. This year, knowing I would have the wonderful salumi from Creminelli Meats to work with-and wanting to include some greens, I hit upon the idea of something similar to a tart, Pizza Rustica, the traditional deep dish savory pie of Neapolitan origin.

As I pored over Pizza Rustica recipes, I decided I liked the idea of lightening up the filling with cream rather than ricotta, and that I preferred Pâte Brisée, the traditional French tart dough, so it wasn’t long before my Frenchified leanings, and my tart love, had turned Pizza Rustica into a “quichey” type savory custard tart. Oh well, I can’t help who I am-right?

Fortunately, the tart was a hit. I think you’ll love it, too. By the way, I also made a vegetarian version, substituting roasted strips of pequillo peppers (courtesy of Melissa’s) for the prosciutto and mortadella.  Recipe on the next page.



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