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Summer Garden Parties- Two Vegetable Frittatas Using Summer’s Bounty

Summer Garden Parties- Two Vegetable Frittatas Using Summer’s Bounty

By on May 27, 2011, 7:20 am in Food and Drink, Recipes-Savory, Seasonal Celebrations, Small Pleasures Catering | 2 comments

Southwestern Shiitake and Corn Frittata Southwestern Shiitake and Corn Frittata

Frittatas, which are essentially an open faced omelette, are an extremely versatile and inexpensive dish for entertaining. Frittatas can be made with all sorts of fillings. Throw in your favorite vegetables, perhaps a bit of bacon, ham or sausage, a great cheese or two-and voilá. I even had someone tell me recently he had made a corned beef and cabbage frittata. I don’t know how I feel about that one, but you get my point. The only limit is your imagination.

They can be baked and served hot out of the oven, or made ahead of time and reheated. They’re even good at room temperature. And like the other items in our summer garden party menu, they move well from brunch to lunch, and even into a light supper menu. They can be baked in a pie dish and cut into wedges, or in a rectangular baking dish and cut into individual bites of any shape you like with a knife or cookie cutter.

For our summer garden party, I’ve cooked up a couple frittatas with some of my favorite summer vegetables- a Southwestern Shiitake Mushroom and Corn, and a Ratatouille, both of which showcase summer’s bountiful crop. You'll find the recipes on the following page:

Shiitake and Corn Frittata Bites with Tomatillo avocado Salsa Shiitake and Corn Frittata Bites with Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

Recipes follow:


  1. I knew fritatta and I knew ratatouille, but would not have thought of how wonderfullly they work together. And dicing the vegetables for the ratatouille + cutting fritatta into bite-sized pieces? Game changer. You’ve just enhanced my summer cooking immensely. I’ll accept compliments on your behalf..

    Nancie McDermott

    May 27, 2011

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