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A Reflection on Wedding Ceremonies

By on Jan 5, 2009, 2:01 pm in Celebrations | 0 comments

I received an e-newsletter last week from an associate, Deborah LaFranchi of LaFranchi Couture.

Deborah wrote her reflections after attending the wedding ceremony of a bride whose gown she had designed. As she ends the essay, she captures perfectly the emotion we, as wedding vendors, experience at being a member of the team which creates those special moments in a client's life.

Deborah has given me permission to share her reflection with you. I have pasted it in below. I urge you to visit her Website (  and view her lovely gowns and costumes.



Marriage: The New Frontier?
     I was at a wedding not that long ago.  Being a bridal gown designer, I had custom made the bride's gown.

     The church was packed, the flowers were beautiful and the bride looked exquisite as she floated up the aisle.  She noticed no one else except her fiance and he seemed so proud of this vision as she approached him.  I felt excited for them as they began their new journey.
     The minister read a beautiful passage from the bible.  It stated that two, working together were stronger then one and three, braided together were unbreakable.
     Tears came to my eyes as the words echoed through my mind.  It was true, two people working together with similar goals and dreams had a better chance of making them happen.  Their survival rate was better.  And once they had children,  that made their bond and potential survival even greater.
      The minister asked the congregation to take responsibility for the couple and help them in good times and bad.  We all answered with an enthusiastic "We do!"  It was one of the most meaningful weddings I have ever attended.

      Has our society lost sight of what marriage really means?  In this day and age of divorce as the answer to being happy, children born out of wedlock or people just "living together" because they don't need a piece of paper to be committed to each other, it seems marriage has become the new frontier.  It seems our society has lost the meaning of marriage.
     Sure, the day itself is a big production with flowers, costumes and food but isn't it really about taking responsibility for another?  Creating the future? It's about surviving better, and when children enter into it, one is making a statement that there will be a future.  How will the problems of the world ever be solved if one isn't making sure that children are being raised in loving homes where they see a great example of people working together to help each other survive better?

     As I sat eating my cake, watching the bride and groom dance in each other's arms, oblivious to anyone else in the room, I knew I had contributed more then just a beautiful gown.  I was helping put future generations there.  And I hoped that someday, when a grandchild or two looked at pictures of their grandmother on her wedding day, looking so happy, they might just wonder where she got such a beautiful gown.

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