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The Advantages of a Smaller Caterer

By on Jul 28, 2008, 4:34 pm in Shameless Self Promotion- Sharing Successes, Small Pleasures Catering, Tips on Hiring a Caterer | 0 comments

Several months back I met with a woman who was in the early planning stages of a small backyard wedding reception for her daughter.

She told me that she had called a couple of the bigger “household name” caterers in town. Although one had given her an estimate over the phone, “frankly” she confided, “I just got the impression they didn’t want to bother with me.”

Another prospective client planning a smaller party told me she asked a caterer she called if her chef would be coming to work the party. The caterer responded it would be one of several party chefs, and she could not tell her for sure which one it would be.

I am proud to say that the woman’s daughter had a small, but truly lovely wedding reception in June. "It was more than we ever expected", she told me the afterwards, which is one of the greatest compliments she could have given me. I was able to give her the attention she deserved in planning her special day. And as with all of my parties, while I had a great support crew, I attended and worked the party in the capacity of chef.


If you’re planning a special occasion, here are some question you may want to ask your caterer. Will  they be attending the party, or sending a surrogate? If they are planning to send a surrogate, is it someone you have met during the planning stages? How well versed are they in the particular needs of your party- did they receive a page of notes sent out with the party, or have they actually had a meeting with the caterer to discuss the details?


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