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Rosé Fest 2012- Part 1

Rosé Fest 2012- Part 1

By on Jul 24, 2012, 8:11 am in Wine | 2 comments

Rosé Wines

There are so many great things about summer to eagerly anticipate-heirloom tomatoes (I especially like the pineapple ones), peaches from Regier Farms, tender, young green beans, prune plums- but the thing I most look forward to is Rosé, that most food friendly of wines. From the delicate salmon hued ones, to the voluptuous magentas, I love them all.


I’ve loved Rosé wines almost since I first started drinking wines- and that (ahem!) was quite a while ago. About 12 years ago, I started fêting them, along with the lusty, sunny-climate foods they complement so well, with friends and colleagues, at a regular (but not quite annual) Rosé Fest.


The menu changes somewhat from year to year, but the basics are always represented.


A piece of grilled fish or lamb, a juicy tomato salad, some roasted new potatoes and veggies, all slathered with aioli, along with a glass of Rosè, transports me to the Mediterranean coast. Okay- so lucky for me, I live in So Cal, along the Pacific coast, and maybe it’s not such a stretch, but I bet wherever you live, the above formula will transport you, too.


Here’s a first peek at our Rosé Fest 2012, with a great big thanks to all the wineries who shared their product with us. Come back next time to check out the menu. Wine List on next page…



  1. Gisele, your Rose party is one of my most favorite events of the year! The food was delicious and the wines I tasted were superb. Thank you for including me (and Emery) once again for this spectacular afternoon.

  2. Thanks for a lovely afternoon of wonderful wine, food and friends. Your cooking always reminds me why you are a caterer! Superb!

    Avatar Lentil Breakdown

    July 25, 2012

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