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Ms. Leah Chase Receives Another Lifetime Acheivement Award

Ms. Leah Chase Receives Another Lifetime Acheivement Award

By on Jul 14, 2009, 1:00 pm in Current Affairs, Food and Drink, History | 0 comments

Ms. Chase, whose name readers of this blog are familiar with, was given another lifetime achievement award this month- this time from the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans (she had previously received one from the Southern Foodways Alliance) .

When I mentioned it to my uncle he responded, "it's no wonder-she's important to that city and its food reputation." I might also add that she is such an inspiration to so many, working tirelessly for what she believes in, and always very gracious and accessible to all.

Here's a clip from the Southern Food and Beverage Museum's latest newsletter.

This past month, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum hosted its gala in honor of Leah Chase.  During the dedication ceremony, Leah's granddaughter pointed out that Leah never lets the bad (Katrina) or the good (awards and honors) stop her from continuing along her path.  To drive the idea home, she ended her speech with a message to her grandmother, in words that Leah must often use, regarding the gallery named after her at SoFAB. 

"Grandma, this is great.  We knew you could do it.  We are proud of you.  Now let's move on."

Next post I'll share with you what Ms. Chase had to say to me about the differences between  Cajun and Creole food the last time I spoke with her. You'll love it, so tune in.

Leah Chase

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