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There Will Always Be a Need for Parties!

By on Jun 18, 2009, 12:43 pm in Celebrations, Personal Reflection | 1 comment

In June of 1969, Stephanie Mills created quite a stir by announcing in her valedictory speech at Mills College’s graduation ceremony, that the future was a cruel hoax, and that she would not be bringing children into this world.

I was graduating from high school that same month, and about to go off to Mills College in the fall. My mother wrung her hands, not quite sure what she was sending me off to.

I’ve just finished reading a personal perspective by Ms. Mills in my latest alumnae publication, entitled “the brighter side of doom and gloom” where Ms. Mills states that we must begin to distinguish between wants and needs to survive. I’m so glad that she includes conviviality as a need, along with water, food, shelter, clothing and dignity.

Indeed, there will always be a need to gather with friends and family to celebrate the special moments in our lives, to share each others’ company and great conversation. Sometimes we’ll need to gather to support each other and reassure ourselves in tough times.  And sometimes we’ll just need to kick back. We’ll always need great food and drink, along with great music, entertainment and storytelling to remind ourselves of our humanity. So in spite of what’s going on in our economy, parties, whether casual or more formal, large or small, are still on the agenda.

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  1. Gisele, what a wonderful article and how true. In fact, i think, when life gets hard, that there’s more need than ever to get together to celebrate! thanks!

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