An expatriate of New Orleans – and professional chef – who has lived in Los Angeles since her childhood, blogs about the journey from New Orleans to Los Angeles back to New Orleans, and points along the way.

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Back in L.A.- a Few Sights and Sounds of Jazz Fest 2009

Back in L.A.- a Few Sights and Sounds of Jazz Fest 2009

By on May 7, 2009, 6:48 pm in Food and Drink, Music, Travel | 0 comments

Back in L.A. after a long day of flying. Up at 5 A.M. with a 55 minute drive to the airport in Kenner. The plane from New Orleans was almost on time, but the connecting flight in Houston was delayed. Yikes- 2 hours in the airport in Houston and no free WiFi , unlike the enlightened New Orleans and Phoenix airports.

In spite of being wiped, I had an early morning appointment today, and had to make a trip to Costco, but didn’t want to end the day without at least sharing a few sights and sounds.

Pics are of Deb Cotton and her mom, Carolee, and the Crab BLT and Fries at Luke’s I wrote about in the last post.

And the video is Randy Brecker and Friends on stage, and longtime friend, Monique and new friend, David off. More to come…


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