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Brunch for a Wedding Reception- Part 2

By on Feb 24, 2009, 10:47 am in Entertaining Trends, Food and Drink, Small Pleasures Catering | 0 comments

Lainie enthusiastically jumped at the chance to share the details of her wonderful brunch reception with me.

She and her fiance, Scott, both felt strongly that they did not want, as she put it “a cookie cutter, insert bride and groom, rubber chicken” wedding reception. (Those of you who know how I think will definitely detect a kindred spirit in Lainie). “Brunch is our favorite meal and the one that we most often share with friends and family. Hence…we decided to break most of the rules and have a wedding brunch!”  And within 2 hours, she continues, they had booked their venue, and completely planned their “very elaborate wedding” which happened just a few months later. It turns out one of the advantages of getting off the Saturday evening track is that venues, photographers, florists and bands are all more readily available on short notice.

Lainie agreed with me that a brunch can be less traumatic on the budget. Lainie and Scott chose to have a full open bar at their reception (Lainie is a wine and spirits publicist), however brunch easily allows for a simple and inexpensive bar of champagne and orange juice. I might add, when you are mixing the bubbly with o.j., it doesn’t have to be the best.  The chances are even with a full bar, that guests will drink less at a brunch than they will at a Saturday night dinner.

Another bonus they discovered – “ we … notice(d) when watching the video… that in the afternoon, the older couples were up on the dance floor and a lot more energetic than they probably would have been at night."

And I love just this special little touch “Since no Sunday brunch would be complete without a newspaper, we arranged for the New York Post to be delivered for each guest, and a personalized crossword puzzle featuring questions about Lainie and Scott's romance was placed at each guest's seat”.

So a brunch for you wedding reception?- I’ll drink to that!

BTW, to check out a brunch menu please visit my Website.

Bon Appetit!


Oh! P.S. Listen to Kara Oh interview me on BlogTalkRadio where we discuss other ways to create a memorable wedding reception without busting your budget.
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