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A Caterer’s Style

By on Aug 18, 2008, 11:21 am in Small Pleasures Catering | 0 comments

Having gone on last time I was here about the “specialty” question, I’d like to say now that while I don’t believe I, or most caterers have a food specialty (nor do I believe they should), I do believe that I, and probably most caterers, have a style.

I like to think of mine as “elegant casual”. My food, regardless of the type of cuisine, is comfort food done elegantly. My presentation is sophisticated yet, again, casual. Both are in contrast to say, the more formal style of many hotel banquet or catering hall services.

I also have a philosophy regarding the food I produce. I believe in building in layers of flavor, and serving seasonal food, utilizing fresh, local produce. That means, for example, I wouldn’t serve a “Caprese” salad in February, when perfectly ripe tomatoes are not available. It may have lost me a job on occasion, but hey- one has to have boundaries.

In selecting the produce I use, I like to build in layers of color, as well. Remember the old adage- we eat with our eyes, too.

I believe in “real” food, even when it comes to desserts, which to me means no low-fat substitute for rich desserts. Either a tiny sliver of real dessert with butter, cream etc, or a lighter fruit based or meringue dessert. No fat substitutes!

When seeking a caterer, these are good things to determine. You may want to think about what your personal style is. Are you a more formal personality, or are you casual? If you are planning a very formal event, it becomes important to determine the “style” of prospective caterers. And if you have a food philosophy, you may want to find out if yours meshes with the caterers.

So do you have a style? I’d love to hear from you about it.

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